PO4EVER Semi-Finalists

The statewide advisory committee has made their recommendations for presentation to the final curatorial panel. Here are the semi-finalists.

Link to Page Thumbnail Category Title Artist
21 Postcard U of M Post Office Jeff Sandeen
72 Envelope PO4EVER Announcement Mailer Envelope Marcia Haffmans
73 Envelope PO4EVER Announcement Mailer Envelope Marie Alexander
75 Envelope PO4EVER Announcement Mailer Envelope Mary Kalka
85 Postcard America Loretta Bebeau
86 Postcard Access to the World Loretta Bebeau
87 Postcard Postal Customers Loretta Bebeau
90 Postcard Plato, MN Mark D. Klotz
102 Postcard Danube, MN. Mark D. Klotz
107 Stamp Peter Wants to Save the Post Office Peter Kramer
108 Postcard Madelia, MN. One Mark D. Klotz
120 Postcard Currie, MN. One. Mark D. Klotz
125 Postcard Ghent, MN. One. Mark D. Klotz
128 Envelope Mail Art Envelope Front by Brant Kingman Brant Kingman
132 Wooden Postcard Perham Doug Padilla
133 Stamp My Mail Carrier Gary LaCroix
136 Stamp St. Cloud Stamp Jim Bertram
137 Stamp Cement Block Stamp Rod Massey
143 Postcard Lifelong Mates Judy Syring
146 Poster Positively Fourth Street Marjorie Schalles
167 Envelope PO4EVER Announcement Mailer Envelope Mark Larson
174 Postcard dead letter Bernel Bayliss
177 Poster Artists Union ArteGram Les Skoropat
178 Written Work/Envelope Brimson, MN Amy Rea and Terri Wentzka 
179 Stamp Stamps: Ely, Minnesota Post Office Jo-Anne Reske Kirkman
180 Poster Outgoing: Wilderness Debate Jo-Anne Reske Kirkman
181 Poster Debate: Iron Ore Mining Jo-Anne Reske Kirkman
183 Written Work USPS Legwork Community Calendar Susan Foster
186 Artwork s t r e e t a r t Janet Bayliss
187 Postcard Hope for Hope Deborah Wallwork
191 Stamp A stamp for Scandia Mn Lisa Schlingerman
196 Written Work Swift Completion Joan Siegel
197 Written Work 1010 North 14th Street; A Memoir Jo-Anne Reske Kirkman
198 Postcard I Got Mail Bill Monson
199 Postcard COWllection Carol Peiffer
200 Written Work Old Days Loren Niemi
201 Written Work Socializing Loren Niemi
204 Written Work Holdingford Post Office, 9 a.m. Larry Schug
205 Fold Out Postcard Mille Lacs Foldout Postcard John Pearson
207 Stamp THE LAST STAMP Janet Bayliss
208 Postcard Postmaster Loon Janet Bayliss
209 Postcard 4 Ever There Amy Unger
210 Postcard Custom House Walls Amy Unger
212 Postcard BOX LOBBY Janet Bayliss
215 Stamp Roadside Attractions Susan Optiz
216 Stamp Embracing the Postal Service Alethea Myers
217 Poster POST OFFICE, AT MINUMUM Kent Scheer
219 Poster Archimedes Square Alternate A (1 of 2) Jon H. Carlsten
223 Stamps Memorial Stamp Series (2 of 2) Billy X. Curmano
229 Postcard Laona Camp 5 "Lumberjack Special" Erik Roth
234 Written Work Rural Mail Carriers of Savage Minnesota Mark Millar