Report on Call for Artists

Celebrate the 5 "P"s:

Post Offices, Postage, Postcards, Posters and Parcels

Post offices have been a significant player in American arts and culture. This includes architectural treasures, wood and stone sculptures, murals, and paintings. In addition, the USPS has provided a legacy of 238 years of artist created stamps celebrating multiple facets of American life, for example: its flora, fauna, flags, states, poets, workers, artists, politicians, athletes, and landscapes.

Given this history, it seems logical and apropos to invite artist to submit mail art pieces that celebrate and speak to the legacy, history and future of Minnesota's post offices and the communities affected.

Post Endangered Species is a mail art project that asks you to adopt a Minnesota post office. This could be a P.O. in your current hometown, birth town, vacation spot, an interesting place visited, etc. Explore the community history; then create and submit a visual design for a stamp, postcard, envelope, card or poster that is representative of the community and adopted post office. Or you can write a memoir, poem, limerick, haiku, song or a letter. All forms of artistic expression are encouraged, for example:

  • Create an iconic image that pulls on a significant event in the history of the adopted post office or community it serves.
  • Memorialize the post office as a community anchor.
  • Celebrate post office history.
  • Remember a mail carrier, postmaster, or clerk.
  • Recognize a postal hero.
  • Create a new portrait of Benjamin Franklin for a stamp, postcard or poster.
  • Remark on current postal affairs.
  • Suggest innovative uses of public and historic postal buildings for sale.
  • Advocate for public works of art that celebrate postal activities.
  • Recommend activities that can keep the post offices vital and innovative in their communities.

All works submitted and accepted will be displayed in our website gallery and may be posted to other Post Endangered Species project sites such as Pinterest for public viewing.

A statewide advisory committee will select a variety of works from the submissions they feel best represent the theme. A curatorial panel will choose 10 submissions from those selected by the statewide committee for recognition and a two hundred and fifty dollar award.

Your participation will go a long way to inform decision makers and the public about the important economic and community role the United States Postal Service plays daily in our Minnesota communities. This is a postal issue that affects artists, printers, small to medium size businesses, non-profits and residential customers in rural, semi-rural and urban areas who all depend on affordable mail services.